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Increasingly, independent scientists and experts report that WIFI negatively impacts the public health.

Dr. Havas: Open Letter Wi-Fi in Schools #3

Dr. Havas: Open Letter Wi-Fi in Schools #3 From the site of Magda Havas, PhD, expert on wireless: Open Letter Wi-Fi in Schools (#3) 2012 “May 2012.  At the request of some teachers I have updated the open letter I wrote in May 2009 about Wi-Fi in the school environment. Much has happened during the past 3 years making it even more […]

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Wi-Fi Action Kit

For the Wi-Fi Action Kit, provided by Citizens for Safe Technology (Canada) go to:,72,0 This Wi-Fi “Action Kit” offers an essential collection of informative, useful and active ways for parents, grandparents, teachers, caregivers and other concerned citizens to tackle the wireless issue in homes, schools and communities.

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SDG&E Smart Meter Opt-out Advice Letter 4/25/12

Smart Meters and Wireless Blog Articles from La Mesa Patch

This series of articles on the online news source, La Mesa Patch (, by S. Brinchman, Director of Center for Electrosmog Prevention, is very popular, providing detailed information, media, and documents on the smart meter issue in California and beyond. La Mesa Patch articles have extensive commentary as well, that may be of interest to […]

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