Center for Electrosmog Prevention’s No Smart Meter Campaign

Our current campaign is to prevent the proliferation of wireless smart meters in our communities. Smart meters, also known as Automated Meter Readers (AMR), read utility meters automatically, using wireless signals in the microwave spectrum. They form a mesh network outdoors and indoors, blanketing entire communities and states with non-ionizing radiation that informed scientists issue dire warnings about. Many people are reporting alarming symptoms and illness following smart meter installations. Some report that pets fall ill. Thousands of people in California, one of the first states to fully deploy these meters statewide, have contacted their utilities and the state public utility commission (CPUC) to report these health effects and ask for help. Help has not been forthcoming. Therefore, we are taking the information to the people of our nation and around the world, to inform and empower them with information that will help prevent and solve these electrosmog problems linked to smart meters.

Center for Electrosmog Prevention (CEP) activities include education and advocacy, including participation in legal proceedings on behalf of utility customers and the general public.

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