Smart Meters Radiation Exposure Up to 160 Times More Than Cell Phones (Hirsch)

Daniel Hirsch, California radiation expert and UCSD instructor, criticizes the industry-influenced CCST report that incorrectly minimized smart meter risks, based on the widely distributed  industry-generated Tell Associates report. CCST is a partner with US DOE (US Dept. of Energy), funder and promoter of smart meters. In the following analysis, Hirsch informs us that one smart meter can provide up to the full body radiation exposure of 160 cell phones; in an interview (video), Hirsch provides the average exposure, equivalent to the full body exposure from 100 cell phones. This completely debunks the Tell Associates report, which was paid for by Pacific Gas & Electric.

Hirsch Chart illustrating radiation exposure of SmartMeters relative to other devices

The draft report by the California Council on Science and Technology (CCST) does not appear to answer the questions asked of it by the requesting elected officials. Furthermore, rather than being an independent, science-based study, the CCST largely cuts and pastes estimates from a brochure by the Electric Power Research Institute, an industry group, issued some weeks earlier. The EPRI estimates appear incorrect in a number of regards. When two of the most central errors are corrected – the failure to take into account duty cycles of cell phones and microwave ovens and the failure to utilize the same units (they should compare everything in terms of average whole body exposure) the cumulative whole body exposure from a Smart Meter at 3 feet appears to be approximately two orders of magnitude higher than that of a cell phone, rather than two orders of magnitude lower. (Hirsch, California radiation expert, radiation policy instructor at UCSC)


  1. “Smart Meter Opt-out and Health” San Diego TV 10 News | Center for Electrosmog Prevention - April 27, 2012

    [...] Hirsch is referring to the total body exposure over a period of time, whereas SDG&E info cited “at two feet from meter” minimizes the exposure, by comparing to a cell phone for one moment in time. However, if the smart meter was sending a pulse at that time, it could easily exceed the cell phone RF  by double or far more, this has been confirmed repeatedly, measured professionally and by lay people. Further, smart meters pulse 24/7, every couple of seconds according to SDG&E’s own report, and cell phones are not on 24/7.  Sage notes that the RF radiation can be multiplied within a reflective environment, as well.  The bedroom has mirrored closet doors.  The smart meter was less than one foot from the pillow Mrs. Brinchman slept on for six months after it was installed. The utility information is misleading, and it is time that this type of flawed info stops being used. (CEP) [...]

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    […] also support this skepticism. The non-profit Center for Electrosmog Prevention, for example, has stated that smart meter radiation is actually as much as 160 times greater than that from cellphones. This […]

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