WIFI and Libraries

As with all fads, wireless is no different. There is a rush to add WIFI to all libraries, as well as schools, shopping areas, hotels, and medical facilities. It is CEP’s position that placement of WIFI where the public is accommodated is a barrier for disabled people and those with medical conditions who must avoid RF radiation.

RF radiation is a known toxin associated with exacerbation of medical conditions and as being the cause of some, according to the AAEM (American Academy of Environmental Medicine).

We encourage the public to challenge the use of WIFI in libraries (as well as the use of self-checkout systems that utilize RFID book checkout scanners, which also emit high levels of RF radiation). Write an accommodation request if you are disabled and have one of the named medical conditions, or another related condition, citing your doctor’s note and/or the AAEM Recommendations. Get help from a disability rights attorney or disability rights legal clinic in your area, if necessary.

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