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Center for Electrosmog Prevention (CEP) is a nonprofit corporation formed for the purpose of preventing and reducing environmental electromagnetic pollution. CEP provides education and advocacy to prevent and reduce electromagnetic pollution.

Mission Statement: The purpose of [CEP] is to promote the health of the general population including but not limited to utility customers by providing comprehensive information, prevention, solutions, and education regarding Electrosmog.  In addition, the Corporation will provide advocacy to reduce Electrosmog in the indoor and outdoor environment for individuals including but not limited to utility customers.

Your support is deeply appreciated. With your help, we can reduce electrosmog in our communities and help protect the public health!

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Please note: We do not share your identifying information without your permission, but may generate numeric data for public reports. Comments may be used as public testimonials, without name. CEP and its member projects may conduct advocacy on behalf of its members to help, prevent, and solve smart meter problems and other sources of electrosmog. Agreement with our disclaimer, shown on the footer of this page, is required for membership.

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