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    MAY, 2012, CPUC STAFF BEGIN PHASE TWO OF OPT-OUT PROCEEDING, DENYING SAFETY IN SCOPE   - Presiding CPUC Administrative Law Judge Amy Yip-Kikugawa is flanked by (left) Carol Brown, President Peevey's Chief of Staff, and Marzia Zafar, Manager of the CPUC Business and Community Outreach Group. Brown's email to PG&E was called unethical by the City of San Bruno this past week.
Opt-Out Proceeding Phase 2 Begins – Pre-Hearing Conference ...

CEP Files Motion to Include Safety in CPUC Smart Meter Opt-Out Proceeding

or Electrosmog Prevention (CEP) has filed a Motion for the CPUC judge, Amy Yip-Kikugawa, to broaden the scope of the proceeding to include safety. CEP is a California-based nonprofit and formal participant in the Smart Meter Opt-out Proceedings at the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). [CEP’S MOTION TO INCLUDE SAFETY IN SMART METER OPT-OUT PROCEEDINGS:] 1 BEFORE […]

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