CPUC Denial of CEP Opt-out Rehearing Request

CPUC Denial of CEP Rehearing Request for SDG&E and SCE Opt-out Decisions based on patently false premises by CPUC.

On Dec. 20th, 2012, CPUC Commissioner Michael Peevey denied the May 22, 2012 request of CEP for a rehearing concerning opt-outs, fees, zone of safety, and the health impacts of smart meters.

CEP did show extensive legal and medical reasons for its request, contrary to the findings by Commissioner Peevey of the CPUC. This is yet another example of the negligence of public safety and inherent corruption embedded in the CPUC, which does not regulate, but caters to the industry, loaded with former industry executives, such as Commissioner Peevey. We call for his removal.

CEP’s Rehearing Request of May 22, 2012 is found here.



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