Smart Meter Opt-out Forms & Flyers

CEP Smart Meter Opt-out & Other Flyers to Distribute in Your Neighborhood

Click this link to access, download and print the original SDG&E Opt-out Request Form from the SDG&E site

Select a CEP flier to email to your entire email list – or print, copy, and share with everyone in your community! Many of our members go door-to-door in their neighborhoods, or share these at work, church, and with all their family and friends. Help get the word out about smart meter opt-outs (for SDG&E and SCE customers in California) or smart meter risks, in general.

Click link(s) below to Open or Save as a Word doc, then print document from File menu:

NEW! All-California smart meter info new color brochure v.2

Print and distribute copies of “Smart” Utility Meters:  Are They Smart For You?  v. 2

SCE Opt-out Flyer

General Use Smart Meter Flyer

Public Health Alert Flyer

SDG&E Opt-out Flier by CEP and SDG&E Opt-out Request Form to fill out and mail to SDG&E. Print and attach to fliers.

To fill out and submit a SDG&E opt-out form online, go to You will not be able to print that form, however, to save a copy or share with others.

Help your child concentrate more in school by not being befuddled from a “smart” utility meter on the home. Don’t forget to opt-out from smart meters – fill out the form at the above links or at

If you are on the CARE program for reduced utility rates (low income) you will pay $10 for the opt-out fee and $5 a month. If not, the fees are higher but initial fee may be paid over a three month period, according to the CPUC’s ruling. Center for Electrosmog Prevention is fighting the fees, along with a number of other organizations, which may be refunded, ultimately. For now, avoid the hazardous, neurologically toxic radiofrequency radiation that can impact health, memory, cognition, and ultimately, school success, according to some physicians and experts.

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