NEW UPDATED Anti-Smart Meter Brochure v.2 – full color, get some to share!

California Coalition to Stop Smart Meters (CCSSM) Publishes ‘Smart’ Grid Educational Brochure- Copies Now Available

Versions 1 & 2 are approved by CEP. Version 3 of this brochure, issued by Stop Smart Meters, has not been approved.

The California Coalition to Stop Smart Meters (CCSSM) is a new, non-partisan group of organizations and individuals helping to coordinate statewide efforts to inform residents about the risks of “smart” meters and the “smart” grid. 

The first project of the coalition has been to produce a professionally designed brochure presenting the truth about the “smart” meter rollout, available for free pdf download in either color or black and white (pages one and two).

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Brochure Order Information

You can download the Coalition’s 8.5″ x 14″ brochure for free in pdf format, right here. It presents the truth about the “smart” meter deployment in graphic detail. Download in color or black and white (pages 1 and 2).  Legal size paper required for home printing, or send it to your local printer.

The brochures are specific to the three major California utilities- PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E.  If you live in an area with a municipal utility or in another state or country, you can print labels with local information to modify the printed flyers.


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