Smart Meters: Public Health Alert

Warnings issued by a California county health dept. & AAEM, a national physicians’ association (Jan., 2012)

Public Health Alert
California County Health Dept:
New Smart Utility Meters are Health Risk

  • A CA county health dept. describes significant health risks from smart meters. (1)
  • New digital gas, electric, & water wireless “smart” meters emit pulsed microwave rf radiation with no reliable standard of safety applicable.
  • Many reports of health problems following installation, including ringing of ears, dizziness, cardiac symptoms, nausea, insomnia, and headaches. (1)
  • World Health Org: rf radiation potential carcinogen. (2)
  • American Academy of Environmental Medicine calls for moratorium on smart meters in Jan. and April, 2012. (3)
  • Austrian Medical Association calls for halt to smart meters (5)
  • 56 CA municipalities including 10 CA counties have taken a strong position against smart meters. (4)
  • California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) working on opt-out plan for smart meters, expected to be issued in Feb / Mar, 2012 for SDG&E and SCE customers. Already issued for PG&E customers in Northern, CA, on Feb. 1, 2012, by CPUC.

CPUC action needed:

Reduction of microwave (rf ) radiation exposures

  • Immediate safe analog meter no-cost opt-out available to all
  • Banks of multiple meters converted to safe analog meters
  • Elimination of the use of all rf-emitting utility meters

(1) Santa Cruz CA County Health Department Health Effects of Smart Meters Report, pages 9-18 (Jan. 24, 2012)
(2) World Health Organization: Rf Radiation Carcinogen Risk (May, 2011)
(3) AAEM Smart Meter Position Statement(Jan. 2012), AAEM: Advise Immediate Caution Smart Meters (April, 2012)
(4) Stop Smart Meters: List of Local Governments Onboard

(5) Austrian Medical Association Calls for Smart Meter Halt (Jan. 2012)

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