Austrian Medical Association Calls for Smart Meter Halt (Jan. 2012)

In a January 18, 2012 letter to the Austrian Federal Ministry for Economics, Family and Youth, the Austrian Chamber of Physicians (Austrian Medical Association –OAK) ( ) calls for a reconsideration or suspension of “the planned timetable of the mandatory introduction of ‘smart meters’” in Austria, “pending clarification and solution of open questions.”  OAK’s letter states:

The Austrian Chamber of Physicians strictly rejects another, in this case actually state-mandated, expansion of the electrosmog exposure on the Austrian population.

The expected health consequences would be an increase in symptoms and diseases that fall into the category of so-called multi-system diseases. This illness is characterized by involving several organs or functional systems at the same time and in interaction.

These health and socioeconomic consequences that are to be expected are, from the perspective of the Austrian Chamber of Physicians, mandatory to be included in the consideration.

Who is liable in the event of health problems and diseases caused by the increased field exposure on the part of the Smart Meter?

At its March 3, 2012 Vienna meeting of environmental medicine officers of the Regional Medical Associations the Austrian Chamber of Physicians adopted the following position on the EMF syndrome:

Guideline of the Austrian Medical Association (Austrian Chamber of Physicians) for the diagnosis and treatment of EMF-related health problems and illnesses (EMF syndrome).

EMF Diagnosis and Treatment Consensus paper of the Austrian Medical Association’s EMR Working Group:

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