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FBI: Smart Meter Hacks Likely to Spread FBI: Smart Meter Hacks Likely to Spread A series of hacks perpetrated against so-called “smart meter” installations over the past several years may have cost a single U.S. electric utility hundreds of millions of dollars annually, the FBI said in a cyber intelligence bulletin obtained by KrebsOnSecurity. The law enforcement agency said this is […]

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Smart Meters’ Switching Mode Power Supply = Dirty Electricity

RF radiation is associated with health effects and risks, but there is one more concern with smart meters…dirty electricity. In this presentation using powerpoint slides to illustrate his talk, Rob States, Consulting Engineer from Corte Madera, CA, explains how smart meters use a switching mode power supply that causes sharp spikes of high voltage on […]

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California RF/EMF Radiation Professionals – Testing and Remediation

The following listings are for RF/EMF professionals available in California, Southern CA, and the United States, recommended to CEP by one or more members. We provide this information as an educational service to our site visitors, and all use of this list requires agreement with our site disclaimer. We make no warranties nor guarantees related […]

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NEW UPDATED Anti-Smart Meter Brochure v.2 – full color, get some to share!

California Coalition to Stop Smart Meters (CCSSM) Publishes ‘Smart’ Grid Educational Brochure- Copies Now Available Versions 1 & 2 are approved by CEP. Version 3 of this brochure, issued by Stop Smart Meters, has not been approved. The California Coalition to Stop Smart Meters (CCSSM) is a new, non-partisan group of organizations and individuals helping […]

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