State of CA and Kaiser warn about rf radiation

Microwave radiation a hazard, says State of CA Dept of Health and Kaiser Permanente

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Dec. 14, 2017

In the past 24 hours, the CA State Dept of Health and Kaiser Permanente issued warnings about wireless devices like cell phones and smart meters causing serious health problems.

Cell towers, cell phones, smart water meters, and smart electric meters – their microwave radiation electromagnetic fields are the same type associated with increase in miscarriages. So says Kaiser Permanente research, described in Science Daily today. Yesterday, the state of California’s Dept of Health issued a major warning about health risks associated with rf radiation from wireless devices like cell phones, cell towers, and smart meters.

How about calling (and writing) your local water district and your electric or gas utility, telling them you don’t want a smart water meter or smart electric or gas meter on your property? Use a cell phone for emergencies only and place on speaker. Consider getting wired Internet, using a corded landline, and eliminating wireless home security systems, amongst other measures to establish a healthier home! Learn more at How to identify and reduce electrosmog



Susan Brinchman

Director, Center for Electrosmog Prevention

Ramona, CA


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