CEP Supports Analog Opt-out Choice in NY State

CEP Public Comment, submitted today, regarding a case before the NY State utility commission currently deliberating whether analog meters or electronic, digital meters shall be used for smart meter opt-outs.  CEP’s position is that only the safer health option – electro-mechanical analog meters should be offered.

We encourage analog opt-out recipients anywhere in the USA or Canada to leave public comments for the NY DPS, to educate them on the reasons for use of analog meters as a viable, safe, and successful smart meter opt-out choice.

Successful Analog Meter in use for California Smart Meter Opt-out                                       

Note: Public Comments may be submitted through Feb. 20, 2018, at



Re: Case 14-M-0196

Dear [NY State] Dept. of Public Service Commissioners and Secretary,

I am writing to let you know that in California, where one out of every 12 Americans resides, we are very successfully using a California Public Utility Commission-ordered electro-mechanical analog meter opt-out choice for an estimated 100,000 utility customers who choose not to have smart meters. Our very large utilities, Pacific Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison, Southern CA Gas, and San Diego Gas & Electric, all provide analog meters to their many thousands of opt-out customers throughout the state. The analog choice was selected in 2012 because after extensive analysis and discussion, electronic (digital) metering as an opt-out choice was found to be inadequate, as unwanted, harmful emissions (EMF’s) were detected from those types of meters. There has been no problem with receiving analog meters which arrive in new condition, and they work very well for the individual customers and our utilities. I have personally opted out using an electromechanical analog meter for the past 5 1/2 years, as have many tens of thousands I know of – all without a single complaint concerning the operation of the analog meters used in California.

I believe it is very pertinent that the “smart” meter used by my utility gave me extensive, serious, life-threatening medical problems over a two year period. I am now electro-sensitive as a result. The original smart meter was placed right behind the headboard of my bed, on the exterior wall, so I slept inches away from it for 6 months, not realizing why I was getting sick (within days of its installation.) My immune system is permanently damaged as a result of “microwave sickness” resulting from that over-exposure. I cannot tolerate any EMF emissions such as strong electric, magnetic, or rf radiation fields. I continue to have severe reactions to these and sympathize with those who must avoid electronic (digital) meters and other sources of strong EMF’s. Scientists agree that EMF’s are hazardous, and can result in very unpleasant biological effects, including disturbances to our heart rhythms, with even so-called “low” levels. For proof of this please go to http://www.electrosmogprevention.org/smart-meter-health-alerts/

The electro-mechanical analog meter is the only type that my physician recommended. This could happen to anyone and having the analog meter option is protecting your loved ones as well as the citizens of the state of New York. Avoidance of EMF’s is supported by other physician groups such as the American Association of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) and independent scientists.

I am writing to strongly support the electromechanical opt-out as the choice for smart meter opt-out customers, as we have here in California, as the only healthful and sensible choice that will work well for New York State utility customers. I do very much commend your progressive decision in offering a free opt-out for those who wish it, similar to that of the state of VT.


Susan Brinchman
Director, Center for Electrosmog Prevention


A second comment was added a few hours later, to clarify our intent:

Dear Commissioners and New York State DPS,

I would like to add to my last comment that I support Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY’s “Petition for Rescinding the PSC Order in Part” and have a “Reconsideration of using analog meters as an opt-out choice.”

Susan Brinchman, Director

Center for Electrosmog Prevention

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