Smart Meter Lawsuit Filed in Federal Court by San Diegan

This week, a lawsuit has been filed in a California federal court alleging that health impacts from smart meters and the smart grid have occurred, causing injuries and losses, rendering a San Diego California resident to be unable to occupy her home or live in her home state of California. Celeste Deborah Cooney, who filed the complaint pro se (representing herself) reports that she has become essentially a refugee from electricity, smart meters and RF radiation, having to seek refuge in a West Virginia location that has very little RF radiation, in a cabin with no electricity. She has to avoid electricity for most of the day, in addition to RF radiation, now. Defendents include M. Peevey of CPUC, State of CA; the Attorney General of the State of CA; San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E); and Itron, Inc. (Itron makes smart meters used in San Diego.)

Ms. Cooney invites the general public to consider also filing similar lawsuits and gives permission to borrow any terminology from her complaint that is appropriate.

Highly qualified attorneys and organizations wishing to assist Ms. Cooney with her legal case are invited to contact her at


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