CPUC’s Peevey Gets “Peeved” – Yells “Shut Up”, Tries to Stifle Free Speech

 Peevey gets "peeved".

Peevey gets “peeved”.

During a key CPUC (Calif Public Utility Commisison) meeting in San Francisco, on 2/28/13, where activists and members of the public spoke out against smart meters, wifi, and RF exposures, President Peevey yelled “SHUT UP” at the audience, when reminded that he could not shut down public comment as he was threatening to do [view this at 42:02 for the next minute or two]. THE WHOLE VIDEO IS A MUST WATCH, TO VIEW THE IMPACT THAT SMART METERS HAVE AND THE LACK OF CONCERN FOR THE PUBLIC THAT THE CPUC SHOWS. [Public Comment begins at 1:38.] It is time for former Southern CA Edison utility CEO Peevey, now a regulatory commissioner, with obvious conflicts of interest, to be removed. His support of utilities has led to fires, explosions, and severe harm to the public via RF radiation exposures. Now, he is trying to limit free speech. Governor Brown needs to remove Peevey – we consider him a menace to free speech and public health, as well as an embarrassment to the State of California.

To view and share this particular “Peevey Outburst” segment, go to the URL:  http://youtu.be/CMxLSwFEWpA?t=42m2s

CEP salutes Ecological Options Network for filming the entire meeting, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMxLSwFEWpA, a must-watch, to hear what the public has to say.

Stop Smart Meters article about this meeting attended by Josh Hart, Director, and many of their members. http://stopsmartmeters.org/2013/03/01/cpuc-president-michael-peevey-to-public-shut-up/

CPUC archives also carry an archived video of this meeting, the opt-out outburst is located at the 43:32 point on the CPUC video, which is located at http://streaming.aanet.org/ramgen/cpuc/CPUC_OM022813-1.rm.

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