CEP Goes to Sacramento, Shares Proof CPUC Knows of Smart Meter Harm

CEP Shows CPUC Oversight Senators Proof CPUC Knows of Smart Meter Dangers

(March 4, 2015)

Dear Friends,

Yesterday, on behalf of our members and the general public, CEP’s attorney attended a CA State Senate CPUC Oversight Committee hearing in Sacramento, where, at my request, he handed each senator an informational Press Release concerning shocking revelations about how CPUC covered up smart meter dangers, documented in their own emails. The Press Release also contained proof that CPUC heartlessly helped engineer high opt-out costs to force low-income customers to keep their smart meters.

The CPUC Smart Meters Press Release is the result of CEP’s collaboration with consumer watchdog groups in CA, collectively examining 65,000 emails between CPUC and utilities, recently released. It is well worth reading – as for the first time, we have evidence that CPUC believed smart meters are harmful to health, and yet, continued to promote their installation, while blocking low income customers and those in multi-family housing from opting-out and obtaining safety through safe analog meters.

For more about the CPUC oversight hearing, read Legislators pressure CPUC officials over PG&E e-mails in the San Francisco Gate (March 4, 2015).
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