Center for Electrosmog Prevention End of Year Update 2012

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Dear Friend of Center for Electrosmog Prevention (CEP),

We will face many challenges in our work to reduce electrosmog on a national basis in the year ahead. Did you know that most states will have smart meters installed shortly? That a second radio located in smart meters is set to be activated very soon? That cell towers are being upgraded continually to accommodate more powerful 4G (and higher) smart phones? That microwave-radiation-based Wi-Fi is being set up in virtually all public places without any concern for public health risks and warnings of experts? That electrosmog, originating from exposures to manmade electromagnetic radiation, is one of the most fastest growing, hazardous forms of modern pollution?

In 2012, the CA Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) finally made smart meter opt-outs available to millions of Californians, through the relentless efforts of CEP, a formal Party to the CPUC Opt-out Proceedings, and a number of much-appreciated, collaborating groups. In 2011 and 2012, CEP filed at least 35 legal documents with the CPUC, advocating for a no-cost opt-out; a zone of safety around homes of sensitive individuals; community and commercial opt-outs; a rehearing on the SDG&E opt-out decision based on legal, safety, and health issues; and ultimately, a complete ban and removal of all smart meters. We have more work to do, as the opt-out is not yet free, and we are working steadily on all the other points above in Phase 2 of the CPUC proceedings and beyond. We are prevailing upon federal agencies, such as the CDC, to recognize scientific evidence for harm from RF radiation, a prevailing source of electrosmog, and to take steps to protect the public. CEP also works with experts, scientists and physicians, alerting the public to sources of electrosmog by distributing information via brochures, flyers, and in maintaining our several informative websites, (our main site) and (the Science behind the harm from RF radiation and smart meters). CEP has established national, Southern California, and local action groups, while mentoring successful startup groups in other regions.

That’s why I urge you to help our nonprofit, Center for Electrosmog Prevention (CEP) in its efforts, now entering our 3rd year. We especially need help with legal fees and for distribution of information via our website and in brochures. Can I count on you to help us raise $50,000 by December 31,  by making a special year-end contribution to CEP today? Or would you consider a monthly donation of any amount, to help continue our efforts?

Your gift will help CEP to:

  • Raise awareness of the life threatening and public health risk of electrosmog pollution from smart meters, Wi-Fi, other wireless devices, cell towers and antennas.
  • Provide advocacy for citizen rights to live in a safe, electrosmog-free community.
  • Provide advocacy for those with medical conditions, disabilities, and all those who want to avoid medical risk from electrosmog exposures
  • Eliminate the use of radiofrequency-radiation-emitting smart meters in our individual states and nation

Please help Center for Electrosmog Prevention get our 2013 work off to a strong start by making a contribution* of any amount, today. Join us as a Supporting CEP Member at and/or visit Donate on our website, We really need your help at this vital turning point. What happens in California will impact the rest of the states, the nation, and the world.

We ask that you share this request with everyone you know who wants safe, healthy communities for our children and families.

Thank you,

Help CEP end electrosmog!

Susan Brinchman

Director, Center for Electrosmog Prevention

Center for Electrosmog Prevention

PO Box 655

La Mesa, CA



*Donations directly made to CEP are not yet tax-deductible, but we are working on that, with a 501c3 application currently in progress. If you would like to receive a tax-deductible donation for an amount of $500 or more, we have sponsoring 501c3 organizations that can assist. Contact us at for more info.

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