Breaking: Southern California Edison Opt Out Fees Suspended

June 7, 2012

The ability of utilities to charge a fee to customers who refuse a smart meter was dealt a serious blow today in California. It appears that “opt out” fees for customers of Southern California Edison (SCE) have been placed on hold for 120 days pending a CPUC determination of whether the fees are in fact legal or not. Read more at

[The moratorium on fees for SCE is related to SoCA Gas filing recently for the same fees, which would be double for SCE customers, then, who opt-out of gas and electric smart meters. Consumers Power Alliance (CPA) protested this and now, with no official notice yet, we are hearing second hand about the fee suspension.]

CEP note: If you are a SCE customer and are having trouble opting out, write us at CEP ( and also email your SCE opt-out letters of complaint to Channing at with the notation CPA Support – Letter of Complaint. Be sure to include full contact information.


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