Renowned Swedish Oncologist & WHO Researcher Warns About School Wi-Fi

Dr. Lennart Hardell, a Swedish oncologist and professor, part of the WHO evaluation group for rf radiation and health, a world-renowned researcher in cancer epidemiology and rf (radiofrequency) radiation exposures, recently co-authored this letter to a USA school district, warning its administrators of the dire health risks to children from schoolwide wi-fi.

CLICK HERE: Montgomery County Public School, MD. USA

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  1. UK: Woman says Wi-Fi allergy killed her daughter | Center for Electrosmog Prevention - December 1, 2015

    […] The following article is extremely disturbing, because a teenaged girl in the United Kingdom, subjected to wifi, and with apparent, reported signs of electrohypersensitivity to rf radiation, was alleged to have been forced to sit near routers that made her sick in school. With no options presented by her school district, according to her mother, she took her own life. As one who suffers from such an “allergy”, I can understand how impossible the situation must have seemed to this young girl, whose only choice would¬† have been to find another school without wifi (nearly impossible) or be homeschooled. Without sympathy from physicians and the school district, trying to receive an education while being in a torturous environment, she sadly gave up. I wish I could have spoken with this mother about alternate emergency options that would have had to be implemented, to remove her daughter from the source of torture, as it truly is impossible to ignore, it is so physically uncomfortable for some people – and I am definitely one of these, also. My heart goes out to the family, and I ask that any others suffering from wifi exposure in schools or workplaces not make such a dire choice, but find any and all ways to remove oneself from the wifi environment, seeking legal help if possible, while urgently demanding that the school or workplace remove the wifi or provide a non-wifi environment for sensitive individuals. The inhumanity of forcing people who are sensitive to rf radiation and the rest who are at risk of harm but can’t feel it, to forced exposure to strong (or any) wifi is unconscionable. Taking all measures to avoid the trigger to the allergy and remaining here to fight this problem is the solution.¬† This is a real problem in our schools, globally. Read what a renowned researcher and oncologist says about school wifi. Renowned Swedish Oncologist & WHO Researcher Warns About School Wi-Fi […]

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